915MHZ Microwave Plasma
CVD Reactor Optimized for
Single Crystal Diamond Growth
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Type IIA Monocrystalline &
Polycrystalline Diamonds
Medical Applications
  • Scalpels - Eye Surgery and Laser Based Coagulation
  • Knives - Ultramicrotome
  • Ultraprecision tool for milling Intraocular Lenses
  • Pharmaceutical - Water Purification
  • Ramen Laser - Window
  • CO2 Laser - Window
  • Radiation Dosimetry
  • Sensor for Magnetocardiography
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • Medical Grade Nano Diamonds
  • Prosthetic Limbs Coating
  • Water Purification - Disinfection in Multi Stages
    (Refractory Chemicals Electrodes)
  • Laser windows
  • Infrared windows
  • Lenses
  • X-ray windows
  • ATR units
  • Oil and gas drill bits
  • Precision machining
  • Wear resistance
  • Wood Machining
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • General Engineering
  • Road Maintenance
  • Stone and Concreate Processing
  • Mining, Tunneling and Drilling
  • Diamond Composite Materials for Industrial Use
  • Radar
  • Communication Satellites
  • Diodes
  • Switches
  • Ultra Pure CVD utilizing nitrogen vacancies for Quantum Computing Devices
  • Cellular Communications Towers
  • RF Amplifiers
  • Radar
  • Communication Satellites
  • Laser windows
  • Infrared windows
  • Lenses
  • X-ray windows
  • ATR units
  • Heat spreaders
  • Laser sub mount
  • X-ray sub mount
  • Oil and gas drill bits
  • Precision machining
  • Wear resistance
Water Purification
  • Electrodes for water purification
  • Radiation Sensors
  • Fluorescence beam monitors
  • Ionizing radiation detectors
Quantum Computing
  • For faster data processing and secure communication
  • Radiation detectors for eye cancer therapy
  • Surgical scalpel
  • Medical Grade Nano Diamonds
Chamber Reactor Chamber Type Cylinder Material AI/SS Vacuum Seals Viton, Silicone Water cooling walls yes
Vacuum System Typical Operation Pressure range, Torr 1-30kPa Base Pressure, Torr 10-200 Vacuum Leak Integrity, Torr/sec <3*10^-5 Vacuum Type pump Hydrocarbon
Vacuum filter Yes Turbo Vac Optional
Microwave Generator Microwave frequency 915MHz Microwave Output Power 3-25KW Impedance matching (tuner type, automatic, etc.) Manual Protection Yes
Reflected power microwave detector Yes Water cooling Required
Substrate Stage Substrate material Moly Stage Material SS Cooled Water Cooled Heated No
Stage Size 85mm - 230mm Substrate Holder Moly Deposition Area 100mm-200mm Manual change the height Manual
Auto Z-axis motion Recipe Driven
Process Gases #1, H2 sscm ? 2000 or User Select #2, CH4 sscm ? 400 or User Select #3, ?? User Select #4 User Select
Purge port Yes Mass Flow Regulators 4(Standard) or More Optional
Cooling system Cooling type Water Water type Distilled Temperature of Cooling Water Above dew point
Electronic & Software Screen Touchscreen UPS Optional Auto recipe-driven control system with run-based data collection and safety interlocks Yes Additional software, process control, etc. Remote monitoring/control
The power supply system Emergency Stop Button Yes
Control Temperature Pyrometre 1
Growth rate For Single Crystalline Diamond 10 to 30 Micron
OPTIONS Motor driven Z with High precision stepper motor yes H2 generator On Request H2 palladium purifier On Request DI water Purifier On Request