Unipro Technologies is a US based company branched in New York City NY (sales & support), Jersey City NJ (manufacturing & support), Chicago IL (sales R&d), Zhengzhou China (sales & support) and Surat India (manufacturing, sales, R&D and support) owned by an American, Israeli and Indian groups with over 70 years of experience in the natural diamonds and hard material focusing on:

  • Building, planning and setting up CVD incubator facilities
  • Building, planning and setting up HPHT incubator facilities
  • Microwave Plasma CVD Reactors Optimized for Single Crystal Diamond growth
  • HPHT Cubic Press Systems Optimized for Type IB & Type IIA Monocrystalline Diamonds growth with know-how
  • HPHT Cubic Press Systems Optimized for Polycrystalline Diamond Composites with Know-how
  • HPHT Cubic Press Systems Optimized for Annealing & Color Enhancements with know-how
  • CVD growth seed and plate solutions
  • Plate and seed laser processing
  • Various laser coring applications
  • Automated laser processing for Gem applications
  • 3D and 2D laser processing for tooling and R&D applications
  • Laser engraving for diamonds and hard materials plates and tools
  • 3D and 2D laser processing for tooling and R&D applications
  • Natural diamond manufacturing with minimum weight loss, high quality surface smoothness and record sawing time taking to consideration stress levels in the rough

Managing Partner

The founder and owner UNIPRO TECHNOCRATS PVT. LTD established in 2007 in the financial capital of Gujarat in the city of Surat in India.

Specializing in complete Laser Solutions for Natural Diamonds and Hard Materials in India.

With over 300 Laser Sawing Systems sold in India and over 500 Laser Sawing Systems Serviced in India.

Hemant Kumar Patel and his team are bringing to

Unipro Technologies 18 Years of Diamond Polishing, Diamond Planning, Diamond Cutting, Laser Sawing and Marking Systems Development, Service and Sales experience.

With a Large Team of Laser, Hardware and Software Engineers servicing Unipro Technologies Customers Worldwide as New Evolving Solutions for the Natural and Hard Material Applications from Research and Development to Design and Creation of Supporting Applications and New Systems.

The Original Developer of the Diamond Coning Process and with the Unipro Technologies collaboration the Developer of Princess Cut Coning, Radiant Cut Coning, Cushion Cut Coning and many 3D Laser Sawing Applications for Hard Materials Tools


Managing Partner

Present Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer of 6C Technology LTD. established in 2011 in Hong Kong Science Park. Focusing in Research on the Synthesis of High Quality Single-Crystal Diamond and Diamond Growth Systems.

With Research Skills in ATM, SEM, TEM, Raman Spectroscopy, CVD, FIB, IR-Vis Absorption Spectroscopy, Sputtering Systems, ALD Wafer Processing, Ellipsometry, Lithography.

An Applied Physics Harvard University Graduate where for 5 years he was involved in Developing of High Resolution Highly Sensitive Magnetic Field Imager based on Diamond, Numerical and Computational Modeling of Spin Dynamics of Nitrogen Defects in diamond for quantum computation and high sensitive magnetometry applications, MATLAB numerical solution of the master equation with Markov approximation, Designed, simulated and fabricated microstructure arrays using scientific computational tools, CVD Systems for Growing Carbon-Nanotube, Numerical and Computational Modeling of Nanotechnologies for Optical manipulation and detection of atoms, DNA, and single molecules as Conducted Experiments to Modeled results.


"Optical Detection of DNA Conformational Polymorphism on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes" Science 27 January 2006: Vol. 311. no. 5760, pp. 508 - 511

"Multimodal Optical Sensing and Analyte Specificity Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes" Nature Nanotech 4, 114-120 (2009) "Coherence of nitrogen-vacancy electronic spin ensembles in diamond" Phys. Rev. B 82, 201201(R) (2010).

"Magnetic field imaging with nitrogen-vacancy ensembles" New J Phys, 13 (2011), p. 045021.

"Anti-reflection coating for nitrogen-vacancy optical measurements in diamond" Applied Physics Letters, 100, 251111 (2012).


Consultant, Research & Development

John Chapman is a physicist based in Australia who has been in the diamond and technology industry for over 30 years. He worked for Rio Tinto Diamonds as principal advisor - diamond technology until 2011 with achievements of developing rough diamond sorting machines, colour grading instruments and optimising optical systems applied to processes in the diamond pipeline. John's specialty has been optics and spectroscopy and now he develops and manufactures instruments to identify synthetic and treated diamonds. His career in diamonds has included academic research into the mechanical properties of the material and defects that contribute to colour in diamonds. He has worked closely with universities and gem labs and has been a regular presenter at international conferences and author of scientific articles in gem and scientific publications. John brings to Unipro Technologies his expertise in opto-electronics, diamond properties and innovation.



Ben Hakman is a consultant Based in New York City, who has been in the natural and lab grown diamond industry for over 20 Years. He has been involved in diamond merchandising, diamond sales, diamond jewelry sales, diamond cut design, diamond manufacturing, diamond branding and product development.

With 12 years of consulting, sales and development of diamond technology with extended experience and relationships with most of the diamond grading laboratories and diamond manufacturers in the industry.

Bringing to Unipro 10 Years of Hard Materials Experience in various CVD and HPHT diamond applications